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14955Bug reportsConditionspublic2019-06-13 13:34
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Product Version3.15.x 
Summary14955: Question relevance is not reassessed after group is shown

Sample Survey Structure:

GA - Always shown
QA1 - Always shown
QA2 - Always shown
GB - Shown if QA2 > 1
QB1 - Shown if QA1 > 1

As how the questions are answered (ordered), GB will be shown after QA2 is answered.
QB1 is expected to be shown, but its not.

Additional Information

I have debugged and seen that its relevance is not evaluated when QA1 is answered as its group not shown at that time.
Suggestion: Revealuate questions' relevance when its parent group is shown.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 3.15.9+190214
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PHP Version7


related to 14467 assignedcdorin EM : relevance not being recalculated after conditions updated if question are shown before 
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2019-05-30 14:16

developer   ~52250

I think it's already resolved in 3.17 : Please send a sample lss



2019-06-02 15:26




2019-06-02 15:26

developer   ~52264

Please find attached sample.
Retested with Version 3.17.4+190529

I saw the github change.
I believe the relevance of child questions should be reevaluated when its group is shown (relevance: on).
At least, i believve that's the issue here.




2019-06-02 17:41

developer   ~52265

Yes, confirm the issue … it's not the same but is near … meaning : order of expression have an importance .

I mean : the function to hide/show Question happen before the function hide/show group …

Can be fixed adding group relevance to question .

Or to check all condition when group appear …

There are surely othis issue with such things like that:

G2Q1 : Show G2Q2 (Yes/No) Default value to Y
G2Q2 : relevance set to G2Q1 == "Y" (must be shown by default)



2019-06-02 17:47

developer   ~52266

PS : seems there are a «start point of checking for All in one survey» here :

But like the other : only for equation …



2019-06-02 17:51

developer   ~52267

Ou … better solution :

When checking of question must be shown : current JS test relevanceOfQuestion && relevanceOfGroup BUT : it muts test only relevanceOfQuestion because we can show question inside a hidden group

But : it seems to be …

if ((LEMval('showQuestion.NAOK')  == 'Y'))
else {
  if ($('#relevance10967').val()=='1') { relChange10967=true; }


2019-06-03 21:00

developer   ~52282

Not sure if I should reply something.
I think I agree with you :)

As per this line:


Not sure why is that set



2019-06-04 09:50

developer   ~52285

#relevance10967 is used to check QCODE.relevanceStatus , if it's 0 : QCODE.NAOK send null in all condition.

In fact : checking group.relevance && question.relevance is needed if the question is used in another question …

Recheck all question relevance when a group is shown can be done BUT :
JS relevance system is linked to an update of another question : (sgqa)

This is needed to check if sgqa is used in this function …

Else : you get JS loop :

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