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Summary14782: Possibility to override single translations

The CMS I am very familiar with is TYPO3. There we have the possibility to individually overwrite every single translation text that comes from language files.

With Limesurvey I got the request that the mail templates for surveys should be more specific by default (adressfooter). I have managed this with difficulty (I am still working my way into Limesurvey).
But now the customer has stumbled across very strange translations for "Data policy settings":
"Datensicherheitserklärung" and "Umfragedatenrichtlinie" (the usual term in German would be "Datenschutzerklärung").
(I have opened a ticket for the "Privacy Policy" translation: 14781)

I can't retranslate the language files and don't want to, because they might be changed back after the next update, which might also include new labels or changes to other labels.

It would be a easier if you can store such translation overrides for single surveys or at least globally in the installation.

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duplicate of 17163 closedDenisChenu Allow translation by DB 

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2019-04-17 16:31

developer   ~51501

One of my idea is to :

  1. Add a DB messagesource (empty)
  2. GT do :
    1. Load current messagesource
    2. Load some plugin message source
    3. Load CDbMessageSource

Then : user with access to DB can update any string.

After we can construct a CDbMessageSource GUI editor



2019-05-09 07:22

reporter   ~51845

some ideas to consider:

  • what will happen when a new translation is done in the core? a new entry, a changed existing translation?
  • what about fallback languages so not everything needs to be copied? (swiss and austrian are identical to german in most parts, but there are differences)
  • in a cascading system (like for the theme templates) individual translations can be handled easier than with one single table

having only one table/source for translations, where also individualizations are stored, no update would be possible, as you can not know which translation was from core and which from individualization.
and as long as you can not guarantee a full translation in every language you need fallbacks, which may need individualization for each language in the fallback chain.



2019-05-09 07:53

developer   ~51846

In my idea : Core translation came from the mo files, like today, core system MUST not update DB translation. DB is used only at last, plugin can update if they really needed, but it's not in LimeSurvey API.
DB are used only for user specific translation.



2019-05-23 10:46

administrator   ~52063

Good request!



2022-02-24 10:03

developer   ~68399

Fix committed to master branch:

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