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14560Bug reportsSurvey editingpublic2019-09-30 16:41
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned Todominikvitt 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0.0dev 
Fixed in Version4.0.0-RC3 
Summary14560: Mandatory soft must be related to Question not Page

Currently : seems mandatory soft is related to page then :

  • Group with mandatory hard + mandatory soft can be submitted without mandatory hard validation (3rd group in lss)
  • Group with mandatory soft + validation : popup shown but can not submit.
Steps To Reproduce

Import include lss and test it (in develop)

Additional Information

If mandatory soft is related to question :

  1. We can really fix this 2 issues
  2. We can show the system inside question answer for mandatory soft
  3. core theme can still shown a popup, button can validate all soft mandatory in the page
  4. another theme can show it differently

The fix must be set in expression_manager for starting

Not test a global var, but test (for exemple) if the SGQA is in an array of posted var.

Another way to show a mansoft system : checkBoxForText test survey (real used system since more then 2 years).

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related to 12088 resolveddominikvitt Feature requests Semi-mandatory question (requesting answer instead of enforcing it) 




2019-02-21 09:51




2019-02-21 09:54




2019-02-21 10:03

developer   ~50658

I think

  1. Fix Expression manager to test (for exemple) :
    1. global mansoft (for whole survey)
    2. 1 array of mansoft for Question (then can have way to disable for question
    3. 1 array of mansoft for SGQ (for subquestion, multiple text, but array of radio too)
    4. 1array of mansoft for Group
  2. Move the function to test POSTED value in public static function ProcessCurrentResponses() (because it's checked ONLY when need to process post)
  3. Fill information in a twig variable : (i don't remind if we have moveResult in aSurveyInfo)


2019-02-21 12:58

developer   ~50659

Last edited: 2019-02-21 13:00

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Idea of updating #1

  1. In EM/ ProcessCurrentResponses : set EM->manSoft[qid][] with all array of qid checked
  2. In EM/validateQuestion : set mandatiory validation OK if EM->manSoft[qid][$qid] is set
  3. Add in qanda_helper, if question have mansoft a checkbox hidden with name mansoft['qid'][] width value current qid. Hide it for javascript
  4. The current button check all mansoft['qid'][] checkbox


2019-07-31 13:48

manager   ~53054

@dominikvitt, changed the priority. Since you created the question attribute, I guess assigning it to you is the most efficient way ^^



2019-09-17 14:30

developer   ~53605

This issue is fixed.
The patch is available now on GitHub and would be available on next LimeSurvey release.



2019-09-30 16:41

administrator   ~53783

Fixed in Release 4.0.0-RC4+190930

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