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12088Feature requests[All Projects] Survey takingpublic2017-01-28 12:21
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Summary12088: Semi-mandatory question (requesting answer instead of enforcing it)

Beside optional and mandatory questions the semi-mandatory questions remind respondents that they missed a question without requiring that they go back and answer it.

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2017-01-27 18:34

developer   ~42853

And : what did we put in this question ?
A question can be mandatory or not ....

Semi mandatory is something like
'I don't want to answer' :
Can already done with anothe question or in single choice

For an easiest way :
It work in a online survey currently.



2017-01-27 19:58

partner   ~42856

I won't challenge your statement "Can already be done".
Everything can be done. The question is in which way a user wants it to be done.

The wording semi-mandatory is not correct in a logic sense.

I would call it answer handling/validation.

The three states are:

  1. Answer is optional
  2. Answer is requested (semi-mandatory)
  3. Answer is enforced (mandatory)

I don't use that feature, but I see demand from others. That's why I posted this feature request.



2017-01-27 22:03

developer   ~42857

For single choice :

  • Add a 'don't want to answer
    => clean, understandable
    For mulipl choice
  • Same with 'diable'
    => clean, understandable
    For text
  • Use plugin or a workaround
    => clean, understandable

ALl other solution :

  • can break on another computer (see all user with IE and js external file restriction for example)
  • can easily be 'hacked' by any user (LimeSurvey is used to offer some bonus if you answer a survey until end)
  • etc ....

I think a solution with user who complain "it don't work in such situation" must not be included in core. And here : all situation i found with 'extra question/extra button' are solution where 'It don't work in such situation'




2017-01-28 12:21

partner   ~42859

The users will decide if your way is good enough in terms of time and user experience. LS GmbH wants to position LS as a SurveyMonkey competitor. Offering your workaround vs. a option to click will be interesting to compare in amount of time and hassle when the survey has more than a few questions. Not sure if they share the "clean and understandable".

Beside that I have to remark that a feature request shouldn't be answered with workarounds. If that is the standard we would have never seen a expiry date with surveys. The workaround would be "set a alarm clock and then login and click stop". Same result, but different amount of effort for the survey administrator.

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