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12088Feature requestsSurvey takingpublic2021-03-07 21:55
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Summary12088: Semi-mandatory question (requesting answer instead of enforcing it)
DescriptionBeside optional and mandatory questions the semi-mandatory questions remind respondents that they missed a question without requiring that they go back and answer it.

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2017-01-27 18:34

developer   ~42853

And : what did we put in this question ?
A question can be mandatory or not ....

Semi mandatory is something like
'I don't want to answer' :
Can already done with anothe question or in single choice

For an easiest way :
It work in a online survey currently.


2017-01-27 19:58

partner   ~42856

I won't challenge your statement "Can already be done".
Everything can be done. The question is in which way a user wants it to be done.

The wording semi-mandatory is not correct in a logic sense.

I would call it answer handling/validation.

The three states are:
1. Answer is optional
2. Answer is requested (semi-mandatory)
3. Answer is enforced (mandatory)

I don't use that feature, but I see demand from others. That's why I posted this feature request.


2017-01-27 22:03

developer   ~42857

For single choice :
- Add a 'don't want to answer
=> clean, understandable
For mulipl choice
- Same with 'diable'
=> clean, understandable
For text
- Use plugin or a workaround
=> clean, understandable

ALl other solution :
- can break on another computer (see all user with IE and js external file restriction for example)
- can easily be 'hacked' by any user (LimeSurvey is used to offer some bonus if you answer a survey until end)
- etc ....

I think a solution with user who complain "it don't work in such situation" must not be included in core. And here : all situation i found with 'extra question/extra button' are solution where 'It don't work in such situation'



2017-01-28 12:21

partner   ~42859

The users will decide if your way is good enough in terms of time and user experience. LS GmbH wants to position LS as a SurveyMonkey competitor. Offering your workaround vs. a option to click will be interesting to compare in amount of time and hassle when the survey has more than a few questions. Not sure if they share the "clean and understandable".

Beside that I have to remark that a feature request shouldn't be answered with workarounds. If that is the standard we would have never seen a expiry date with surveys. The workaround would be "set a alarm clock and then login and click stop". Same result, but different amount of effort for the survey administrator.


2019-08-06 01:56

reporter   ~53117

Surveygizmo offers this and it is one of the features I miss after moving across. It works as an option much like the mandatory option. If a respondent misses a question it pops up saying 'it looks like you missed a question (highlighted). If you don't want to answer that is OK (just click next again), but we would appreciate it if you provided a response."
This is particularly important with mobile devices as on the small screen it is easy for people to miss clicking something. Typically we use mandatory questions to try and avoid unintentional holes, however we also don't like to force people to answer questions.


2019-08-06 08:32

developer   ~53120

Already in 4.0
Attached to question «Mandatory soft»
Looking at need, maybe it must be attached to group (or on all survey)
«If there are an empty (non mandatory) question in this page : show a warning before move»


2019-08-06 10:08

developer   ~53122

This feature is already implemented in LS version 4, not going to be done in LS version 3.

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