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Summary14449: Question template : unable to make a complete system due to lack of information

I try to find a way to have same system than 2.6 with display-columns (css) see :

But totally unable to do this because i have no way to have number of answer/subquestions and if question is mandatory or not and if question have other

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duplicate of 14228 confirmed Survey and Question Theme need more information 
related to 14202 new Readd "column style" css for multiple column but in attribute 

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2019-01-25 10:17

developer   ~50304

@LouisGac & @c_schmitz : i think it's an issue and can be fixed in 3.X : ok for this or not ? Only for develop ?

The fix can be done here :
But need update at all call of this.

I think minimal must be
array of $answer->attributes
array of $subQuestion-attributes
and array of all core attributes.



2019-01-25 10:20

developer   ~50306

  1. Current oQuestion with current language
  2. oSubquestions with current language
  3. oAnswers with current language
  4. theme + core attribute with current language (no need to test utf8, for example attribute.other_replace_text directly (this a must have for core too))

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