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Summary14228: Survey Theme need more information

We need a lot more information than this currently available (and we have some that seem not needed).

For example : we don't have : current radix (see, or current core question attribute.
I think too it can be interesting to have some global settings : sitename, adminname, adminemail (for example : for auto title).

Additional Information

In theme editor : we can set a value an use it in included twig , but not in questin part since this one is loaded oit of twig system.
It can be great to include totally (but long work) in twig.

For starting : i think we must call only one time answers.twig , and answers.twig call his row with existing information.
Then can be set one time and not at each row (for example).

And question template have aAnswers + aSubQuestions (currently i don't know if they have it : then can not really do a question template with multiple answer really hacked (example : change order of subquestion).

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related to 14449 new Feature requests Question template : unable to make a complete system due to lack of information 




2018-11-07 16:40

developer   ~49579

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I think need :
Current situation of the page : language (it's in surveyInfo, but really this array is a mess)
Current situation on instance : sitename, adminname, adminemail for starting
Current oQuestion with current language + oSubquestions with current lmanguage + oAnswers with current language
Current attribute with current language (no need to test utf8, for example attribute.other_replace_text directly (this a must have for core too))
Current oGroup with language



2018-11-20 14:00

developer   ~49708

oToken :



2018-12-20 12:05

manager   ~50030

really this array is a mess



2018-12-20 12:32

developer   ~50035


Need too to move out of survey all are not related to survey …



2019-01-25 10:19

developer   ~50305

Separation between survey theme and question theme

Then for Survey :

  1. Current situation of the page : what page is shown, what current language
  2. Current instance partial (sitename, adminname, adminemail)
  3. … to complete …

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