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14403Feature requests[All Projects] Import/Exportpublic2019-07-13 18:54
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Summary14403: Survey Export sorting by question_order

I had to edit a survey export file (.lss) manually for velocity reasons and found out that the questions are sorted by qid instead of question_order.

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related to 14944 assignedDenisChenu Development  Adding id and related_id in TSV export make it complicated to edit 




2019-01-29 16:32

reporter   ~50337




2019-03-24 11:16

reporter   ~51110

It seems similar behavior is with export. So questions are exported in a different order than then in questionnaire. On below picture programmed order is: K01..K02, K03, K16, K17...., while in the file is K01, K11, K17..... And there is no any order column available.

qnr_order.png (44,494 bytes)
qnr_order.png (44,494 bytes)


2019-05-27 19:39

developer   ~52122

I think it's an issue in TSV, but not in LSS.

TSV is made for editing …



2019-05-27 20:11

reporter   ~52124

Yes, this applies to TSV, but few versions ago it worked well. So taking TSV I could generate list of questions and its responses just using order in that table. Now it is difficult. Is there any chance to fix it?



2019-05-28 11:08

developer   ~52125

Currently TSV order is broken ? This is really a big issue …

See related discussion about the 2 new columns too :



2019-05-28 11:10

developer   ~52126

@pkolodz : can you report a specific issue about TSV order with

  1. A sample lss question with not more than 5 questions
  2. The TSV file
  3. The lss done with TSV import

please :)



2019-07-13 18:54

developer   ~52868

@pkolodz : can you provide a sample survey ?

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