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14944Development [All Projects] Import/Exportpublic2019-07-13 18:33
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Summary14944: Adding id and related_id in TSV export make it complicated to edit

TSV is made for Export : update manually, import.
Have id and related_id make it complex to editing
Remove this 2 columns : still working

What is the usage of this 2 columns ?

Additional Information

In 2.X : import/export as roughly tested and working with multilingual, survey.

User just have to put subquestion after question : it's clear enough

@dominikvitt : i think you add this id , related_id : for user it make it complex to use TSV. Did you remind the reason ? Then related mantis ?
Currenlty : using TSV for quick edit of survey seems broken (for example for translation).

I use it for :

  1. Translation
  2. Make 4 subgroups with same questions in a group

Removing this 2 columns : TSV can be imported.
With this 2 columns : i must set random number …

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related to 14403 feedbackLouisGac Feature requests Survey Export sorting by question_order 




2019-05-27 19:47

developer   ~52123

I can find and fix : but speediest if i know usage of this 2 columns :)



2019-05-28 13:41

developer   ~52128

id and related id columns are required for export and import of quotas.
Quotas are too complex to reconstruct without those columns.
See here:

All other objects aren't required to have those columns set, it would work without them.



2019-05-28 14:04

developer   ~52129

Last edited: 2019-05-28 14:05

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OK, for quota only.

Because quota table use qid and not question/answer code in export (and import).

Terribly boring since TSV is a really good tool but broken here …



2019-05-28 14:06

developer   ~52130

Three tables need to be connected, so it's not so easy.



2019-05-28 14:14

developer   ~52131

I check it when i found times :)



2019-06-25 14:56

developer   ~52543

@dominikvitt : what do you think if we don't add this 2 columns if there are no quota ?



2019-07-12 14:48

developer   ~52863

@dominikvitt id and related_id are not used for Question and answers ? Right ?

Then i think we can use another column for quota is and related id.

For Group we use G1,G2 etc … Why not QTA1, QTA2 etc …

I have an issue currently with quota , i check if it was a plugin before report …



2019-07-12 14:52

developer   ~52864

Those columns are used only for Quotas.
Number of columns in TSV export should always be the same or it would be very confusing.



2019-07-12 15:50

developer   ~52866

I see you remove the number in export for Group : we add it for import group with multiple language : there are an old issue somewhere …

For id and related id, clearly

  1. Don't put it if not used , needed : just set it to "" for qid and gis (and assessmeents).
  2. Since ii's not a major columns : add it after other column (maybe just after relevance ) : this one is easy.


2019-07-12 15:51

developer   ~52867

If it's used only for quota : why not name it quota_id and related_quota_id ?

Unsure on this point : if we need it another id elsewhere …

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