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13889Feature requestsPluginspublic2018-07-21 10:45
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Summary13889: Allow plugin to extend twig file
DescriptionWith beforeCloseHtml event : we can add html just before body is closed : OK
With getPluginTwigPath : we can add or replace existing twig file

But currently : there are no way to extend twig file (or add HTML generated with twig at end)
Additional InformationI think renderPartial allow to use twig file : but it's broke
Event with Yii::app()->getController()->renderParial : brok (white page)
Then a plugin have 2 solution
- Replace twig file : but no other plugin can do something (or this can be replaced by another plugin)
- Construct html manually : less updatable by final user (and dirty …)
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related to 13702 closedDenisChenu Bug reports beforeCloseHtml event removed 

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2018-07-20 17:41

developer   ~48544

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With beforeCloseHtml and Yii::app()->twigRenderer->renderPartial :

[Fri Jul 20 17:40:46 2018] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Cannot destroy active lambda function in ./LimeSurvey/application/third_party/Twig/Template.php on line 415, referer: ./LimeSurvey/index.php/admin/survey/sa/view/surveyid/374886

Solution : move beforeCloseHtml in twig ?



2018-07-21 10:45

developer   ~48546

I need to look and make a demo survey for all of this …

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