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13385Bug reportsImport/Exportpublic2018-02-21 16:38
Reportervitofranzoni Assigned Tomarkusfluer 
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Fixed in Version3.4.x 
Summary13385: Public PDF export show all question even if unrelevant

We have updated our limesurvey hosting from version 2.65 to version 3.2.0 and then we have tested our surveys and we have found a problem in exporting the responses to PDF file.

Expected behaviour (as in version 2.65):
PDF file includes only the questions with an answer.

Unexpected behaviour:
In version 3.2.0 (and also in 3.3.1) the PDF also does include all the questions without an answer!

Because of our survey has hundreds of questions then PDF file from about 20 pages now exceeds more than 85.
Another survey from 25 pages now exceeds 600 pages!!

This is a problem for us because our partecipants want to print a PDF copy of the completed survey.

Can we set a flag to limit the PDF file to only questions with answers or how can this problem be solved?

Thank you
Vito Franzoni

Additional Information

Please note:
All our questions are mandatory questions, but we use a lot of relevance equations to control the flow of questions to display.

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2018-02-19 18:24

reporter   ~46585

I have the same problem. I believe that this incident was reported before (13341) but I do not know why it was closed without being resolved.



2018-02-19 19:14

reporter   ~46586

I reported the incidence 13341, and without giving me an answer they closed it, I did the test in the new version (3.4.0) to see if the error was corrected, but it still has the same problem.



2018-02-20 11:25

developer   ~46589

Not same issue then 13341 : here it's public PDF export, yours is admin PDF export.
And about the issue : you must put clearly the difference.



2018-02-20 11:26

developer   ~46590

Rename the issue to
Ā«Public PDF export show all question even if unrelevantĀ»

It's clearly a bug



2018-02-21 13:52

administrator   ~46663

Fix committed to master branch:

Related Changesets

LimeSurvey: master d4602d49

2018-02-21 13:51:06


Details Diff
Fixed issue 13385: Public PDF export show all question even if unrelevant
Fixed issue 13331: Problem when printing the questions at the end of the survey
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13331, 13385
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