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12277Bug reports[All Projects] Conditionspublic2018-03-29 10:13
ReporterdarpaoAssigned To 
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Product Version3.5.x 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary12277: Relevance equation on column of array-number question doesn't work

I need to hide some columns from an array-number question with checkbox layout, i can't get the Relevance equation work proprely on columns (X-scale)..

The same EM code works fine on all the other Relevance of my survey, including for rows of same question...
Even if i put "0" or "false" on that field it will display ...

Steps To Reproduce

Create an array-number question with checkbox layout
Put 0 (or a condition that should hide it) on relevance equation of a column
The column is displayed and not hidden

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Versione 2.64.1+170310
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedYes
Database & DB-VersionMySQL
Server OS (if known)Linux
Webserver software & version (if known)I don't know
PHP VersionI don't know


duplicate of 13441 assignedc_schmitz Colums (still) can't be hidden in Array (numbers) questions 
related to 13509 feedbackdominikvitt Sub-question relevance does not work in array-by-column questions. 




2017-04-21 14:14


bug survey.lss (16,914 bytes)


2017-05-02 11:12

reporter   ~43514

Is it so hard to solve?



2017-10-16 14:46

developer   ~44693

Can anyone of the development team look at this one, please?



2017-10-17 08:58

developer   ~44696

For information : the fix is to remove the input on column :).
I don't think we get a good way to do it in a clean way for core (working with javascript …)



2017-10-17 09:16

developer   ~44697

If it does not work as expected by the users and the error is unsolvable at the moment, shouldn't there be some warning when constructing this question?



2017-10-17 09:29

developer   ~44699

No need a warning if we don't show the input box :). No input box => “no issue” ;)



2017-10-17 09:32

developer   ~44700




2018-03-27 15:18

administrator   ~47227

Please update to the latest version.



2018-03-27 16:11

developer   ~47230

Still in 3.5.4 git .

And sincerely : i dislike new javascript way to do things, seeme more complex than needed

limesurvey_survey_Xrelevance.lss (16,677 bytes)


2018-03-27 16:14

developer   ~47231

See javascripted solution , done only at page ready.



2018-03-28 19:58

reporter   ~47270

Same problem as I reported in 13441 - lasting since LS 2.06+ 151215, the oldest version I'm working width ;)
@DenisChenu: the plugin may help in some cases, but often I'd like to hide not empty columns



2018-03-29 08:10

developer   ~47271

@orvil : yes, BUT : i put the js because the issue for hidding columns are the way to hide it on same page.

Do a system to hidding it via PHP seems OK, but hidding it in JS make a buggy javascript. If you have a way to show/hide column only with one class update on one element id : OK.



2018-03-29 09:13

reporter   ~47272

@DenisChenu: I got your point for same page function. But why buggy js? I've used a solution like this in jquery:
Needs (additional) class for evey col/cell but works fine



2018-03-29 10:12

developer   ~47275

Last edited: 2018-03-29 10:13

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A great about the jsfiddle. But need update in Expression Manager.

Expression Manager use id, then need a javascript function to move id to class/name or better : data-javaId for example

PS : It's OK if we allow to have col width to sum up to 100% :)

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