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12240Feature requests[All Projects] Survey designpublic2018-04-06 11:48
ReporterjeloAssigned ToDenisChenu 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
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Target Version3.0Fixed in Version3.0 
Summary12240: Validation settings for "array by column" question type
DescriptionCurrently the array by column questiontype offers no validation settings at all.
Only logic setting available is "Randomization group name:". Nothing else.

Seems to be no bug, but a missing feature.
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related to 13288 closedDenisChenu Validation settings for more question type 




2017-04-02 12:13

developer   ~43365

Yes, think we can easily add sub question validation and question validaton here.


2017-07-04 00:29

developer   ~44018

Think it's easy in 3.0, add it


2017-07-04 00:37

developer   ~44020

jelo : can you send a little survey file with the needed 'subquestion validation' in help ?

Maybe 2 or 3 question (in english)


2018-01-17 10:19

developer   ~45853

Sample survey needed...


2018-01-17 11:02

updater   ~45857

Don't understand the demand for a sample survey. Perhaps I got it wrong.

My wording might be not correct, but the idea of the feature request was to have question-/subquestion-validation across all array-questions available. The codebase might not be ready for that. But there seems to be no logical reason, that you cannot apply a validation to every array-question. The trigger was trying to apply em unique() to array by columm question. Not possible cause the field is not there.

When I look at the manual I see the following situation:

Question type - Array
Whole question validation equation (em_validation_q)

Question type - Array by column

Question type - Array dual scale

Question type - Array (5 point choice)

Question type - Array (10 point choice)

Question type - Array (Increase-Same-Decrease)

Question type - Array (Numbers)
Whole question validation equation (em_validation_q)
Sub-question validation equation (em_validation_sq)

Question type - Array (Texts)
Whole question validation equation (em_validation_q)
Sub-question validation equation (em_validation_sq)

Question type - Array (Yes-No-Uncertain)


2018-01-17 11:06

developer   ~45858

Because : it's more easy to import a real situation example ;) .

I can put count(self.NAOK)> 1 for example , but if you have a real situation :
1. I don't have to create a new survey
2. I don't have to put sme string



2018-01-17 11:47

updater   ~45861

The example was real. I placed the feature request after having a forum user with a array by column question. Perhaps I have overlooked something? But I wonder where to place EM to ensure that every answer is unique.

20180117.arraybycolumnunique_287834.lss (15,289 bytes)


2018-01-17 15:49

developer   ~45868

Thanks jelo :)

:( i think it's easy … but array by column don't have q2subqInfo … why ????

But i use your file for another bug report ;) (not related to this one)


2018-01-19 10:17

reporter   ~45911

Fix committed to master branch:


2018-01-30 14:57

developer   ~46156

Fix committed to master branch:

Related Changesets

LimeSurvey: master ea543a5d

2018-01-19 10:17:05


Committer: GitHub Details Diff
New feature 12240: Validation settings for "array by column" question type

New feature : Add em_validation_q to list of choice (dropdown and radio)
Fixed issue : EM expression on other for list dropdown didn't work
mod - application/helpers/expressions/em_manager_helper.php Diff File
mod - application/helpers/questionHelper.php Diff File
mod - application/views/survey/questions/answer/list_dropdown/rows/othertext.php Diff File
mod - application/views/survey/questions/answer/listradio/rows/answer_row_other.php Diff File

LimeSurvey: master abef4c6f

2018-01-19 19:01:18


Details Diff
Merge branch 'master' of into master_RC_AuthPlugin
Dev: fix conflict
* 'master' of (84 commits)
Dev: remove deprecated code _GetSessionUserRights Dev: USER_RIGHT_INITIALSUPERADMIN replaced by config Dev: and not used since 2.6lts or before
Fixed issue 13200: LDAP Auth plugin user autocreate broken Dev: just unsubscribe from beforeHasPermission when needed Dev: i hate to find a one line fix after testing, hacking for hours …
Dev: removed special characters from sidemenu
Dev: minimal changes and typo fixing
Dev: translate surveymenuentried
Fixed issue: language error
Fixed issue 13212: missing translation frontend survey
Fixed issue: Emailtemplate reset not working
Fixed issue 13215: Missing string
Fixed issue 13216: missing translation
Updated translation: Catalan by qualitatuvic Updated translation: German by c_schmitz Updated translation: Hungarian by kkd Updated translation: Norwegian (Bokmål) by pmonstad Updated translation: Polish by elissa Updated translation: German (Informal) by c_schmitz Updated translation: Polish (Informal) by elissa
Fixed issue 13193: Unable to update question type (simple selector)
Dev: added a demomode command to not only restore mint status but also install some demo surveys
Fixed issue: Demo rendered unusable with wipe command
New feature 12240: Validation settings for "array by column" question type
Fixed issue 13190 : Remove text or uncheck checkbox automatically not work
Updated translation: Danish by abc99 Updated translation: Georgian by zch5368
Updated translation: German by c_schmitz Updated translation: Hungarian by kkd Updated translation: Japanese by nomoto Updated translation: Norwegian (Bokmål) by pmonstad Updated translation: Romanian by cdorin
Fixed issue: Captcha not showing
Removed translation: Papiamento (Aruba)

# Conflicts:
# application/helpers/remotecontrol/remotecontrol_handle.php
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add - application/config/fonts.php Diff File
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mod - application/helpers/update/updatedb_helper.php Diff File
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