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11784Feature requestsSurvey takingpublic2018-04-06 11:48
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned ToDenisChenu  
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Product Version3.0 
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Summary11784: Replace alert + confirm in core system (?)
DescriptionCurrently :
- we use alert and confirm hard javascript.
- default template replace alert by boostrap dialog
- default template don't replace confirm (due to langage string lack)

Maybe we must use some replacement in core.

If we add just some 'global javascript langage string' => template manager can do it easily: yes / no / close / (some other) ?
Additional InformationPros :
- Seems better on some screen
- Can update look according to template

- In some, screen : the real alert/confirm is more readable (little phone for example).

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related to 11977 closedDenisChenu Don't replace alert() javascript function 
related to 11970 closedDenisChenu create a template-default package 

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2016-10-12 08:17

developer   ~41244

In fact : it's not a feature request : really don't know what core must do.

Maybe best choice is :
- use alert and confirm function
- let template manager update this js function if he want (do it in default template)
=> Then we can just add a array of some language string : needed : Yes/No/Close/(Cancel ?)/(Confirm ?)


2016-10-12 11:36

partner   ~41250

Currently I would vote for "let template manager update this js function".

I still don't know why alert system is default.
These popups save reload time, but since browser can offer to suppress alerts I never go for them. Are there big fans of the alert system? I can remember a time where showpopups=0 was the default setting in LS.

In LS 2.5 the showpopups=0 scope won't prevent dialogs in JS in certain situations, right? Cause I never saw a yes/no/cancel/confirm dialog inside html.
A info/alert box above the first question with html dialog would be my favor.
No javascript popup/alerts. But there must be a reason, why alert js is there.


2016-10-12 11:40

developer   ~41252

confirm is used for Clear all button only actually.

alert can be easily replaced in template : default template do it, but we can easily replace by a div at start of survey.

alert is used when come back to a survey : if you don't answer a mandatory question for example.

Maybe add some "langage string tool" :)


2016-12-10 14:24

developer   ~42512

Fixed in

core package use alert/confirm in a new function. template-default package update this function, template.js can update this function.

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