Changesets: LimeSurvey

master 4d3fbd76

2020-05-08 15:35:30


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Fixed display correctly now for mobile (10 Point Choice)
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mod - application/helpers/qanda_helper.php Diff File

master afb385b9

2020-05-08 15:20:28


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Fixed display correctly for mobile (5 Point Choice)
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mod - application/helpers/qanda_helper.php Diff File

master d418e9ba

2020-05-07 17:55:08


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Fixed issue 16241: Only one tip are shown
Dev: tip html added to $stringToParse
Dev: todo create a twig receiveing all tips ?
Dev: todo don't send twig result to Expression script
Affected Issues
mod - application/helpers/expressions/em_manager_helper.php Diff File

master fd0dcf55

2020-05-07 17:02:09


Committer: GitHub Details Diff
Dev: revert broken fix for 13684

Fixed issue 16203: Multiple choice questions with "other" with "exclusive" unable to submit
Fixed issue 16226: Invalid count on multi with exclude : broke logic and php vs js diff
Dev: revert
Dev: previous system have more issue than fix : order dependent
Dev: set sub-question with relevance to `0` to relevant (and to `N` value)
Dev: didn't set previous data to same data
Affected Issues
16203, 16226
mod - application/helpers/expressions/em_manager_helper.php Diff File

master 8e9e8d14

2020-05-07 15:36:46


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mod - application/helpers/qanda_helper.php Diff File

master daefb501

2020-05-06 20:52:36


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fix answer phpdoc params typo & non- existing param (#1416)
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mod - application/models/Answer.php Diff File

master c66766fc

2020-05-06 12:58:58


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Fixed issue 16208: escape in Multiple choice with comments
Dev: Encode in renderClass
Dev: don't fix the param for previous questiontheme compatibility
Dev: CHtml::encode are htmlspecialchars($dispVal, ENT_QUOTES,Yii::app()->charset)
Dev: then good replacer
Affected Issues
mod - application/core/QuestionTypes/MultipleChoiceWithComments/RenderMultipleChoiceWithComments.php Diff File

master dabfe290

2020-05-05 18:34:23


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Fixed issue 16225: Unable to VV export if no token table
Dev: VV never export token table
Affected Issues
mod - application/controllers/admin/export.php Diff File

master 9259a1bb

2020-05-05 11:22:27


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Built new version of questions upload
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mod - assets/packages/questions/upload/build/uploadquestion.js Diff File
mod - assets/packages/questions/upload/build/uploadquestion.min.js Diff File
mod - assets/packages/questions/upload/build/ Diff File

master 975a2023

2020-05-05 11:21:56


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Fixed issue 16289: File Upload not working for iOS 13.2 Affected Issues
mod - application/config/config-defaults.php Diff File
mod - application/views/survey/questions/answer/file_upload/config.xml Diff File
mod - assets/packages/questions/upload/src/uploader.js Diff File
mod - framework/utils/mimeTypes.php Diff File

master 388c6deb

2020-05-04 11:42:57


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Dev: Don't rebuild Vue components before running PHP tests (Travis)
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mod - .travis.yml Diff File

master 15477d8b

2020-05-04 11:42:23


Committer: GitHub Details Diff
Fixed issue 16175: statCountIf returns nothing for first participant

Dev: $result = $result ? $result : false; can never return 0
Dev: php function can return null, false, 0 "" …
Dev: Add test for "0" to be returned
Affected Issues
mod - application/helpers/expressions/em_core_helper.php Diff File
mod - tests/data/surveys/survey_archive_statCountFunctionsTest.lsa Diff File
mod - tests/functional/acceptance/15246-fixed-em-function/FixedFunctionExpressionPluginTest.php Diff File

master aa011ac6

2020-05-04 11:24:18


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Release 4.2.2+200504
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mod - application/config/version.php Diff File
mod - docs/release_notes.txt Diff File

master 55286d34

2020-05-04 11:21:14

LimeSurvey Translations Bot

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Dev Automatic translation update
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mod - locale/_template/limesurvey.pot Diff File

master d1b34d38

2020-05-04 09:20:04


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Dev Removed trash file
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rm - html/index.nginx-debian.html Diff File

master 97822207

2020-05-04 09:19:47


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Fixed issue: File rename on duplicate file upload does not work
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mod - application/controllers/admin/LimeSurveyFileManager.php Diff File

master 94f1312d

2020-05-01 14:44:56


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Fixed issue: File upload not possible on non-linux system
Fixed issue: Uppercase file extensions were not allowed
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mod - application/controllers/admin/LimeSurveyFileManager.php Diff File

master 07120415

2020-04-30 15:07:45


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Revert "Dev: Make html email Y for updated databases"

This reverts commit d0621cb79ce5f2fffac00c80b327b75f1b9e239a.
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mod - application/helpers/update/updatedb_helper.php Diff File

master acc12a48

2020-04-30 15:07:26


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Revert "Fixed issue: Make html email default to Y"

This reverts commit 25849424e6c8df6dbc347befacdcc37ed01f553a.
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mod - installer/create-database.php Diff File

master d0621cb7

2020-04-30 14:51:25


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Dev: Make html email Y for updated databases
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mod - application/helpers/update/updatedb_helper.php Diff File

master 25849424

2020-04-30 14:37:51


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Fixed issue: Make html email default to Y
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mod - installer/create-database.php Diff File

master 4b518ab0

2020-04-29 21:51:23


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New translation: Kazakh
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mod - application/helpers/surveytranslator_helper.php Diff File
add - locale/kk/index.html Diff File
add - locale/kk/ Diff File

master aa0cbfc1

2020-04-29 13:15:50


Committer: GitHub Details Diff
Dev: alternative GUI for Y-axis and X-axis (READY fixed) (#1412)

Fixed issue 15824: Improved interface for Y-axis and X-axis
Affected Issues
mod - application/controllers/admin/questionedit.php Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/LsCkEditorBind.min.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/af.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/ar.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/ast.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/az.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/bg.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/ca.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/cs.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/da.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/de-ch.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/de.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/el.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/en-au.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/en-gb.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/eo.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/es.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/et.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/eu.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/fa.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/fi.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/fr.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/gl.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/gu.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/he.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/hr.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/hu.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/id.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/it.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/ja.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/km.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/kn.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/ko.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/ku.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/lt.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/lv.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/nb.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/ne.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/nl.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/no.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/oc.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/pl.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/pt-br.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/pt.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/ro.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/ru.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/si.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/sk.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/sq.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/sr-latn.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/sr.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/sv.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/tr.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/tt.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/ug.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/uk.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/vi.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/zh-cn.js Diff File
add - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/build/translations/zh.js Diff File
mod - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/package.json Diff File
mod - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/yarn.lock Diff File
mod - assets/packages/questioneditor/build.min/css/main.css Diff File
mod - assets/packages/questioneditor/build.min/js/questionedit.js Diff File
mod - assets/packages/questioneditor/build.min/js/ Diff File
mod - assets/packages/questioneditor/build/js/questionedit.js Diff File
mod - assets/packages/questioneditor/build/js/ Diff File
mod - assets/packages/questioneditor/src/components/subcomponents/_subquestions.vue Diff File

master dd931490

2020-04-29 11:25:20


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Merge branch 'master' of
Attach Issues:
mod - application/helpers/export_helper.php Diff File

master 94164767

2020-04-29 11:23:36


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Dev: Fixed failing build process in LsCkEditor.
Attach Issues:
mod - assets/packages/meta/LsCkeditor/webpack.config.js Diff File
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