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14661Feature requests[All Projects] Pluginspublic2019-03-18 18:35
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Summary14661: Plugin developemnt need a "Don't disable plugin"

I work currently on (adding a class for mailer ,and all beforeEmail event)
I do a sample plugin, but this one break a lot …
Then each time it break : i add to activate it again …
It can be cool to have a "don't disable plugin"

Additional Information

debug>2 mean plugin not disable (or anything not disable) or a specific debug ? debugPlugin, debugTemplate, debugTheme (we don't have a disbalme theme currently, but when we have one.

Have only one debug : more easy for dev, but can be complicated on mantis (see plugin debug too)
BUT : plugin can cause transparent bug on core (if they set a string to an array event for example).
Then : maybe better debug>2 mean debug all :)

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