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09861Feature requestsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2015-09-20 23:57
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Summary09861: No atttachment information when sending invitation and reminder emails

When sending invitation and reminder emails, initial subject and body is taken from email templates. However, there isn't any information about attachments even if we added them to templates. However, they are correctly attached to the email if we send it.

Steps To Reproduce

1.- Create a restricted access survey
2.- Add one token
3.- Add attachments to invitation/reminder email template
4.- Send an invitation/reminder email

Result: You can see subject and body from templates but no attachments. However, they are correctly attached to the email if we send it.

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related to 09668 closedDenisChenu Feature requests attachment in beforeTokenEmail 

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2015-09-11 10:47

developer   ~33093

It's more an GUI improvement of existing feature: right ?



2015-09-11 12:27

developer   ~33094

I'm not sure. If a user has permission to send emails but not to access email templates he can not know that there are attachments. In general, this is very confusing. Anyway, if you prefer to change this issue to feature request, no problem.

In the other hand, I hope I will have the time to write the code in the next days.



2015-09-11 12:32

developer   ~33095

Last edited: 2015-09-11 12:33

See the related bug too ;)

PS: Moved to FR by Cartsen. I think too is more a feature :).

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