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09769Bug reportsOtherpublic2015-07-24 11:44
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Fixed in Version2.06+ 
Summary09769: Manually changing language in preview url then previewing group breaks logic on questions
DescriptionThis could very well be the most irrelevant bug posted on here but im not sure if it has any further implications so im posting it anyways.

This survey is in english (primary) and french.

Lime Version 2.05+ Build 141020

I have a question group with 15 questions in it. The first question is a text display that shows the question text, the next 14 are multiple choice questions half showing to one group of people, the other half showing to the other.

When previewing the group all i see is the text display question, which makes sense. The other 14 questions have logic on them connected to tokens so they shouldn't show.

After manually adding /lang/fr to the preview url, page load with just the text display showing in french which makes sense. After forcing the language change, the next time I click preview group, all questions in group show regardless of what logic is on them.
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2015-07-15 23:53

developer   ~32703

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Can not reproduce with included test survey (fr/en/de , Condition and scenario group).

Maybe only with token ? Can you upload a little lsa file (Survey archive with token) to try to reproduce ?

ANd try with last 2.06 version.



2015-07-17 00:12




2015-07-17 00:15

reporter   ~32708

I have attached a test survey.

If you go to test2 group and preview english, you will see the text display question only because every other question in the group has skip logic on it.

In the url, add /lang/fr to the end and press enter. Once the page loads in french, close the tab then preview the group again. All questions will now be showing regardless of their skip logic.

PS - Subquestion Relevance... Very Cool. (my first look at 2.06)


2015-07-17 08:46

developer   ~32709

Oh no, have this :
- Import
- Go to group 2
- Preview (default) : see all question ....
- Reload : see only first question
- Add lang/fr : see only first question
- Close tab
- Preview (default) : see all question ....

confirmed, but this one seems very hard to track down


2015-07-19 14:09

developer   ~32721

Condition :
- Web site default language is set to secondary language of survey

Problem :
- SetSurveyLanguage is call 2 times with a different way to set language. Then 1st path : FR, second path : EN

Problem 2 :
- Even in this condition, this must don't break EM ...


2015-07-20 14:43

developer   ~32725

Fix committed to master branch:


2015-07-24 11:44

administrator   ~32782

Version 2.06 Build 150723 released

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LimeSurvey: master ea7bf968

2015-07-20 12:32:15


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Fixed issue 09769: Preview url can breaks logic on questions
Dev: EM is set to global default language
Dev: buildsurveysession update language but don't set EM partially to this language
Dev: Equation are not set for new language
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