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09742Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2015-07-01 19:17
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Summary09742: Add an option to NOT LOAD unnecessary subquestions when array_filter is used on different pages
DescriptionWhen using lots of subquestions, and then using the results for next questions, it can bring the browser to its knees; this is because the server send ALL subquestions and then FILTER them using Javascript.

It can generate a 2MB page easily in some cases ... To only show 4 or 5 lines on a table (the rest being hidden by a display:none).

What about giving the option to only load the selected subquestions if the questions are on different pages ?
Additional InformationThe supplied LSG is a question group containing some sample data.
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2015-07-01 18:32


limesurvey_group_23.lsg (495,554 bytes)


2015-07-01 19:05

developer   ~32593

Need adaptation in qanda,
need to find if "actual" filter are for question in same page or not using EM : this part is more difficult ....
Option can be used maybe : more easy, can break survey but can give a real help.

Array filter style : hidden/deactivated/not rendered. But EM solutiin is really more clean.


2015-07-01 19:16


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