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09739Feature requestsPluginspublic2015-07-01 09:44
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Summary09739: Unable to add content AFTER default content in last page
DescriptionIn last page, plugin add content before core content. Without js , we are unable to add content after core content or inside core content.
Additional InformationLooking at this issue :, i first think an easy step to use "plugin print answers" system is to add content after the core content.
But can be added only before core content in afterSurveyComplete. And we can not just update the core content ...

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2015-07-01 09:44

developer   ~32590

afterSurveyQuota allow updating message. Same for afterSurveyComplete seems a good idea.

Thinking of:
set('killsession',$thissurvey['printanswers'] != 'Y');

And same for get aftetr the event.

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