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09738Feature requestsPrint Viewpublic2015-07-02 15:04
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Summary09738: Allow to use logo from survey and not from template
DescriptionIn default print answers : logo_pdf is taken from template. I think it's best if user can use a logo in survey.
Additional Information3 solutions :
- Extend print view to allow update settings
- Do it in core
- Do nothing : print view can be done in plugin
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related to 09739 new Unable to add content AFTER default content in last page 

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2015-07-02 15:04

developer   ~32604

@aesteban : what do you think of this ?
I think it can be great.

Maybe give the complete url of the image (i use this in a plugin).

And test survey/logo_pdf.pnf before template/logo_pdf.png


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