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Summary09677: Bridging surveys : Progress Bar Settings and no submitbutton

When bridging surveys there are two problems with LimeSurvey:

1.) Show a correct progress bar in all linked surveys.
2.) No submit button on the last page, if other surveys are linked behind.

For a better progress bar with options a few parameters would be helpful:
A.) Allow setting a Start Value (%) and an End Value (%).
B.) Calculation routine based on a) Questions shown or b) Question position in the survey

A hide Submit-Button option (instead shown forward button).

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2015-06-19 18:02

developer   ~32448


You can deactivate the default progress bar and use your own function and number to do your progress bar.

To have Next and not submit : just add an group with one question with relevance to 0 (or hidden).



2015-06-19 20:06

partner   ~32454


What is the purpose of asking for feature requests, when it is opposed with statements like "write your own routine"? I won't stop talking about feature requests, till somebody tells me that Limesurvey is no longer aimed at end-users but a developer framework. If I asked for a workaround I hadn't posted it here.

Why was a "always hide question"-option added? In the beginning a javascript had to be added to hide a question. Why was a hide welcome message added too?

Workarounds are never that stabled and thoroughly tested than implemented features.

To write a routine which would cover the complete feature request here, I would need the functions or variables to get the value for "questions shown" and "question position in the survey". Feel free to tell me.

For all the others you would like to see this feature, feel free to use add this workaround to your template

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {

function modprocessbar(startvalue, endvalue) {
if (startvalue === undefined) {startvalue = 0;}
if (endvalue === undefined) {endvalue = 100;}
var valueprogress = $("#progressbar").progressbar("option","value");
var valueprogressneu = (startvalue + (((endvalue - startvalue) / 100 * valueprogress)));
if (isNaN(valueprogressneu)) valueprogressneu = startvalue;
$("#progressbar").progressbar({value: valueprogressneu});



2015-06-20 10:43

developer   ~32457

Last edited: 2015-06-20 10:50

@jelo : we do LS on our free time, i think we can not add all system with only 4/5 core developer.
I don't think Wordpress have such success if all are in core and no plugin/workaround exist.

In 6 month : we have to update LS, actaully it's really difficult to touch a part of LS to add one litlle system because it can break another think elsewhere ....



2015-08-14 11:27

updater   ~32957

Thanks for sharing your solution.

How do you suggest to implement a setting that indicates "This is survey X of Y connected surveys"?

Connected surveys require setting up redirects from A to B (to C...). This could be easier for the user when having special settings so you can enable redirection and then enter:

  • redirect URL
  • enabling using a custom progress bar
  • "from" and "to" range for progress bar
  • (advanced feature) to be passed parameters

Though it is a useful feature it is not that easy to be implemented.



2015-08-14 13:03

partner   ~32961

I only focused on progessbar settings and calculations.

When you link three surveys, the author of the surveys has to set start and stop value in every three surveys.

1.Survey 0% - 50%
2.Survey 51% - 70%
3.Survey 71% - 100%

I use two hidden equations inside the survey to set the min and max value for the progressbar, which is then modified to show the correct min and max values.

A setting to automatically change submit button to Next would be nice.
Currently that is solved via a hidden question with a jquery routine to change the button in the last question.

As an advanced feature I would like to see different calculations routines.
Calculation routine based on
a) Questions shown (to calculate that it helps, to have an additional field where you can make a guess what percentage of questions a user will see)
b) Question position in the survey

The passing of parameter is done like before. No need to cover that here. The URL and Autload is already there in every survey for every language. Redirection is working without any additional coding. Others issues have to be solved by the survey author (e.g. how to transport filters to other surveys).

When passing parameters via URL it doesn't seems to be possible to save variables directly as numbers. They are saved as text. To bring text through the URL it would be nice, if urlencode/urldecode would be supported by EM.
These functions are already available as PHP-functions.



2016-09-24 12:07

partner   ~40937

In LS 2.5 the progress-bar has changed. A simple manipulation via JQuery (like pointed out in ) seems no longer possible.

The lack of interest (or even rejection) of that feature request, is food for thought.



2016-12-19 11:38

reporter   ~42560

I've used the code suggested by 09677:32454, and while previewing the template I can see the progress bar, in the configurations - but I never manage to see it implemented one I activate the survey. Does anyone confirm that this is not possible as 09677:40937 referred?




2016-12-19 11:44

updater   ~42561

Joana, did you activate showing the progress bar at the survey settings -> presentation & navigation?



2016-12-19 11:55

reporter   ~42562

Mazi, that function is not activated because I have two groups:

  • 1 with 20 random questions (the ones shown)
  • 1 hidden with 314 questions

In total I have a pool of 324 questions from which 20 are randomly selected. I would like to add a progress bar to the 20-only. If I activate a progress bar in the settings, the progress corresponds to all 324 questions.



2016-12-19 12:04

developer   ~42563

Last edited: 2016-12-19 12:07

I don't think we have step in replacement.
Then hard with JoanaUve issue.

But : there are easy way in js:

Survey description

&lt;div id='hackedprogress&quot; class=&quot;progress hidden&quot;>
    &lt;div class=&quot;progress-bar&quot; role=&quot;progressbar&quot; aria-valuenow=&quot;0&quot; aria-valuemin=&quot;0&quot; aria-valuemax=&quot;100&quot; style=&quot;min-width: 2em&quot;>

Group description
$(function() {
var step=$("#thisstep").val();
var progressvalue=$("#thisstep").val()/20*100;
$("#hackedprogress .progress-bar").prop("aria-valuenow",progressvalue);
$("#hackedprogress .progress-bar").width(progressvalue);
$("#hackedprogress .progress-bar").text(parseInt(progressvalue)+"%");

@jelo : your feature doesn't fix JoanaUve.



2016-12-19 12:23

partner   ~42564

@DenisChenu: Sorry, but I am not aware that I proposed any solution towards JoanaUve problem? So why do I need to know, that my feature request isn't solving an LS issue of JoanaUve? That is the case for most users here.



2016-12-19 12:28

developer   ~42565

@jelo : no , i want to insist : with a lot of user's we need a lot of solution. Plugin seems really the best way to improve core for me :)



2018-05-14 11:24

developer   ~47587

since LS3, it should be possible to add some logic to a theme to show "next" instead of "submit" when another survey is linked, and to change the calculation of the progress



2018-05-16 12:11

developer   ~47612

ok so I'll create quickly a premium theme for survey bridges with next/submit button + progress bar.

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