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09630Feature requestsConditionspublic2015-08-24 14:39
ReporterMazi Assigned Toc_schmitz  
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Product Version2.05+ 
Target Version2.06+ 
Summary09630: More helpful error message when trying to delete question with conditions
DescriptionCurrently, when trying to delete a question that is used for conditions, the user only sees a "Question could not be deleted..." message.
Several users reported that this is very annoying when using lots of conditions at your survey.

To improve the GUI, can we just list the affected questions? That would help users a lot.
Steps To ReproduceTry to delete a question which is used for conditions.
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2015-05-12 14:46


error_message.png (61,236 bytes)   
error_message.png (61,236 bytes)   


2015-05-12 14:51

administrator   ~32186

They are listed right in the question overview, arent they?


2015-05-12 15:09

partner   ~32187

No, unfortunately they are not.

If There is a condition at Q2, Q5, Q10 and Q20 based on Q1 and you try to delete Q1, that not very helpful message pops up. If you then click "OK", you get back to Q1 and you can NOT see which questions Q1 is connected to by conditions.

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