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09567Feature requests[All Projects] Securitypublic2017-10-10 16:33
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Summary09567: no salt used for password hashing.
DescriptionApparently, no salts are used for passwords.
It is obviously a security issue.
Additional InformationHint to solve this problem.

When implementing this, you can either force the users to reset their password (so that you have ONLY salted passwords), or keep the old password "retro compatible" (thus salt is an empty string). However, if you prefer the second option, we should encourage admins to force the reset of all passwords.
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2015-03-21 11:27

developer   ~31874

hash('sha256', $password)


2015-03-21 11:29

developer   ~31875

No salt rigth


2017-10-10 16:33

developer   ~44563

Maybe adding 2 salt and update it at each login. One current (empty at start for old user), one next. Compare password with crypted pasword ith current hash and save it with future hash after. Move futire to current and create a new one for future.
One CMS use this system (+ some javascript crypting function)

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