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Summary09526: Allow better administration support - functionality to create entities/clients
DescriptionCurrently, there is no functionality to sort/group surveys by entity. (i.e., as admin, I cannot say that I am creating a survey "ABC" for Entity "X" (which could be a client or customer). This makes it difficult to administer types of surveys on offer and also manage the customer.

I am not a programmer, but have attempted to put a structure that may help in this regard.
Additional InformationOne possible solution: Create functionality to create client/customer or entity in LS admin. Allow tagging of surveys to the entity (from a pool of surveys - surveys can be selected and transferred to a pool for this). This will help retain flexibility of the system and also allow administrator to tag and view activity by entity.

So, there could be three 'boxes':
1. Independent, standalone surveys which are not linked to any entity, nor are they in a survey pool.
2. Surveys which are in a survey pool, which can be linked to an entity. (Not all need to be linked: it is like a survey bank)
3. Entities, which have surveys linked to them, via the survey pool.

This will make it extremely easy to deploy surveys and manage both surveys and the expectations of entities.
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2015-02-18 18:15

developer   ~31690

Must be in a plugin.

We already have survey setings sytem for such purpose, but we don't have event for survey listing and survey index.

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