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09443Feature requestsTranslationpublic2021-02-17 15:56
Reportervbraque Assigned ToDenisChenu  
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Fixed in Version3.0 
Summary09443: Some "Logic" attributes of a question are not internationalized (advanced settings)
DescriptionThe following attributes: "Question validation tip" and "Sub-question validation tip", on the "Logic" section of a question (advanced settings) are not internationalized.
You can compare with other similar attributes correctly internationalized, for example, "Answer prefix (language)" or "Answer suffix (language)", on the "Display" section of a question (advanced settings). In these cases, one text box is shown for every language defined in the survey.
Steps To ReproduceAccess to "edit question", section "Logic", atrributes "Question validation tip" and "Sub-question validation tip" and verify it's only a text box for each other, instead of a text box for every language defined in the survey.
Additional InformationThere's no necessity to attach a survey design for this issue as it describes a generic missing of functionality.
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2015-01-15 10:12

reporter   ~31465

Suggestion: An approach similar to "Answer prefix (language)" or "Answer suffix (language)" attributes, on the "Display" section of a question (advanced settings) would be enough to get this functionality.
In my experience (multilingual surveys) some simple survey designs are not possible due to this functionality missing cause the text attached to the "Question validation tip" and "Sub-question validation tip" atrributes only appear in the survey's base language.


2015-09-04 09:49

reporter   ~33059

Hi... I'd like to know if this bug will be implemented someday or has been discarded definitely. Tks.


2016-02-05 08:37

developer   ~34612

You put this in Developpement .... more a featuire request here ..

Use the good place please


2016-02-05 10:47

reporter   ~34621

Well, I did it this way cause I thought this feature already exists but may be you'll consider to improve it. If you consider this as a new feature, must I re-create this bug on the corresponding category? or... could you move it?


2021-01-26 16:25

reporter   ~61687

I don't see any place to vote for proposed enhancements. So I note here that this feature request would have a very high priority for me.


2021-01-26 16:34

developer   ~61688

> The following attributes: "Question validation tip" and "Sub-question validation tip", on the "Logic" section of a question (advanced settings) are not internationalized.

Question validation **tip** and Sub-question validation **tip** are internationalized in 3.LTS and in 4.4 (but i don't really like the new way)


2021-01-26 16:47

developer   ~61689

Seems fixed

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