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09437Bug reportsAssessmentspublic2015-05-12 09:35
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Product Version2.05+ 
Summary09437: Empty question groups will affect the display of subsequent groups.

I discovered that when a survey has several question groups, an empty question group will make subsequent question groups not display their questions properly.

This is frustrating because it is impossible to preview a group unless all groups before it have questions in them.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Create a survey with more than two question groups.

2) Add questions to the first and third question groups, but leave the second group empty.

3) Preview survey to find that the questions in the third group don't display.

Additional Information

I will be making a donation regardless of how quickly this bug is fixed.

If this cannot be fixed easily, it may be helpful to make a note in the online manual about this bug so that people don't freak out when they can't get a question set to work.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)349234
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duplicate of 09618 closedc_schmitz Installed with nginx, there is random bugs 

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2015-01-05 10:29

updater   ~31415

I can reproduce this issue.

Since this causes a really weird behavior (the user is not able to preview a question ta a different group) we should try to fix this.



2015-01-06 09:00

developer   ~31421

It's a realy old issue, and there are surely some other bug for this issue.

Hard to fix because it's in Expression Manager concept ....



2015-01-06 09:06

updater   ~31422

Can't we run the check being used at survey activation and if there are issues (the activation check should detect the one mentioned) we can show a warning like "Some groups are missing questions, thus the preview may be broken."

Would the check have a very bad influence regarding performance?



2015-01-06 10:35

developer   ~31427

Last edited: 2015-01-06 10:35

Check the empty group (and empty arry question) each time we preview group or question ? And put an alert ?
Why not, can be an idea.




2015-01-06 11:18

updater   ~31430

But don't we have to check ALL groups?

According to my tests the preview of a group WITH question(s) was broken because a previous group was missing questions.



2015-01-06 11:20

developer   ~31431

Yes, if there are one empty group OR one question without subquestion (if needed) -> send an alert.



2015-01-06 11:28

updater   ~31432

Sounds good. I hope we can simply re-use the code from the activation function.



2015-05-12 09:34

developer   ~32173

@Mazi : can you test after Carsten fix (last 2.06 version) :

Think it's same

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