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09416Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2020-06-15 19:56
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Summary09416: Allow the creation of "pages" and a "page per page" display
DescriptionWhile we currently can use the option "group by group" display for having some kind of control on how questions are displayed if we want more than one question per page, this "kills" the question group feature.

If I want to use the group by group view, but the pages don't go in line with the structural question groups in a survey (e.g. a logical question group would need to be split up in various pages or more than one group should be shown on the same page, it can't be done. I either need to compromise on how the questionnaire is displaying the questions, or I can't group the question logically, but rather on how I want the questions to be displayed.

So it would be great if there would be a feature "pages". Actually it could be very similar to "groups", including randomization and everything, but it would allow to group questions logically with group name and group description, without having to compromise on how the questions are displayed later.
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2017-02-17 14:20

partner   ~43026

Back to the future. Still a valid feature request today.


2017-02-17 15:23

partner   ~43028


2018-04-25 16:51

reporter   ~47520

So no response, no notification, no discussion sins 2014.
Here another example why this is relevant:


2018-05-16 12:51

developer   ~47628

that bring us to an architecture in the Joomla style:

Article / Groups of Articles / Pages

I love it, but most people doesn't understand it.
So, I'd say we could do it when we'll have a simple wisiwyg editor for new commers.


2018-05-18 09:16

developer   ~47668

Best solution : rename "Group" to Page … in fact : our group are Page …


2019-08-20 16:58

reporter   ~53205

> Best solution : rename "Group" to Page … in fact : our group are Page …

Then you are missing a logical group. Because a question group is something about the logic of the survey and a page is about how it is presented. In my opinion, these are two different things.

I might want to have 5 questions in one logical group, but I might want them on different "pages".

Sometimes you need to group questions logically into one "question group", but you still want them in different "pages". Not possible at the moment. You need to decide either for a logical grouping or for a layout based grouping.


2019-08-21 01:47

developer   ~53209

> Then you are missing a logical group.

Maybe but : for Expression Manager : Group is step (in group by group mode) : then OUR group are page.

Seems more a feature like this

1. Rename current group to page
2. Create a logical group for question
3. Show (new) group in Survey structure (and not page like currently)
4. See what to do with organizer


2020-03-04 13:25

reporter   ~56296


2020-04-14 16:53

reporter   ~57122


2020-04-14 16:56

developer   ~57123

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For information : all group and question randomization system can be moved in plugin now (4.X)

@holch : again : i didn' think the forum post can be realted totally to this topic. Can help, but not the only solution ....



2020-04-14 17:04

reporter   ~57124

@Denis: I think if we have a separation of 'page' and 'group' the problem in the forum could be solved quickly, see my graphics in the post.

I agree that it might not be the only approach to tackle the issue about the random groups, but it would be one option to solve it. I don't see what more we would need than the possibility to create pages independently from question groups to solve the "random groups" problem from the link above.


2020-04-15 19:00

reporter   ~57134


2020-04-15 19:06

reporter   ~57135

The capability to display multiple groups in a page is a much needed feature - please add it. Thank you.


2020-06-09 18:24

reporter   ~58229

I agree with lintu, we also crave this feature. When "pages" become independent of "question groups" we could design real good studies with direct feedback!


2020-06-15 19:56

reporter   ~58294

+1 this is very major flaws in flexibility of survey design!! my reasons ->
I only have 5 demographic questions..but in 5 pages that is super boring and participants will definitely not even bother complete the survey. I will have to consider not using limesurvey..which is VERY annoying.

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