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09297Feature requestsSurvey takingpublic2014-10-17 09:56
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Summary09297: split 'mandatory' and 'no-answer' functionality
DescriptionAt the moment it is only possible to choose 'no answer' if the question is not mandatory.
But if a question could be mandatory and have the 'no answer' option, a person taking the survey would have to actively answer the question and would not miss it. But the person could still answer the question with 'no answer' if he/she wanted to.
In addition the 'no answer' option must not be pre-selected.
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2014-10-17 08:51

developer   ~30806

Really not needed .... Because just adding a 'I don't want to answer' option is very more clean and clear.


2014-10-17 09:56

reporter   ~30810

I understand it is not very important, because it is already feasible as you described it.
But it is very time-consuming. Because you can't make a yes/no question - you have to make a questions with the options "yes", "no", "I don't want to answer."

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