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Summary09176: Additional statistical indicators

I'd like to add the following 2 indicators to statistics page for level of Agreement/Satisfaction:
1- 5 Scale indicator
2- Top 2 boxes indicator
(Please check the attachment for an example)

Additional Information

I've already implemented the indicators in stats page for radio & array question types. The only problem is that number of choices should be exactly 5 (or 6 including N/A).

Available solutions are:
1- modify existing 5points array question to allow adding N/A option & editing labels' texts.

2- create a new question type to allow adding N/A option & editing labels texts.

3- new checkbox on each question in statistics page to confirm if indicators are to be calculated.

4- new checkbox on question design page to confirm that indicators are to be calculated for this question.

Appreciate your feedback on the best & easiest approach.


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2014-08-18 09:15


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2014-08-20 11:21

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This ticket is mentioned in more details in tickets# 09178 / 09179 & 09180

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