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08990Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2014-08-22 12:14
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Summary08990: multiple handle range slider for constant sum scale
DescriptionWhere the respondent is asked to give values that together sum to say 100 points (for relative importance of a range of items or attributes), sliding scales for each attribute become difficult and confusing. Numerical methods lack visual stimuli and levels require frustrating adjustment to sum correctly.

By dividing one sliding scale into attributes the relative importance of each is easily determined. It would then be easy for respondents to evaluate all items at the same time and visually determine the proportion of total points to allocate to each item.
Additional InformationThis photo is of colResizable, a jQuery plugin that can be used as a multiple range slider. The range values are calculated.
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2014-04-23 10:14




2014-06-21 14:59

developer   ~30196

Not in core, can be done in javascript. Or in plugin fro 2.1/2.2


2014-08-22 12:14

reporter   ~30442

I came across the issue of using the multiple sliders. The solution proposed by dsatch seems to perfectly solve the handling Problem.

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