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Summary08952: Add questions to running survey
DescriptionI understand it's difficult to change a running survey because some changes would be incompatible with the answer or database structure that was created for the particular survey.

But why not give users the opportunity to ADD a new question or (subquestions) to a running survey? For participants that already took the survey we could set the answers to the newly added question to "not shown" or just missing data.

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2014-04-14 15:27

developer   ~29743


Actual solution
- Export in VV2 style
- Deactivate
- Add (or remove) question, even update question type (short text-> long text for example)
- Actvate
- Import VV2


2014-04-15 04:44

reporter   ~29766

What if survey has token table and timing table. Once deactivate, those info are gone


2014-11-02 13:28

developer   ~30904

token can be recreated with old table.

Don't know for timing, did you try too the iport from an old table ?


2014-11-17 11:17

reporter   ~31001

timing table can not be imported


2014-11-17 11:21

developer   ~31003

And with "Import responses from a deactivated survey table " ?

It work too for ligth change of survey (reordering or remove/add one or 2 question).

If yes : maybe a bug report with "Import responses from a deactivated survey table " don't import timings :)


2014-12-08 06:21

reporter   ~31192

I just did a quick test of the method "Import responses from a deactivated survey table", timing table is not imported. I will do more testing to confirm.


2017-04-02 22:56

reporter   ~43368

I need a permanent survey on which I could add question and login user could come back to answer new questions or change their answers.

Time table is used in test not in survey. (Limesurvey is suppose to be a survey software)
So adding a question should be a possible option.
Or just a pause button could be required, just for the time required to add a question.

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