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08885Feature requestsExpression Managerpublic2017-10-24 16:14
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Summary08885: Validate 'mandatory' equation
DescriptionActually, we can set 'mandatory' to an equation question type, but seems nothing happen. But i think it's can be a great tool to do 'any validation needed' with an easy way.
Additional InformationSearching for an EM method for this :
I think we can use a equation mandatory with {LIST_comment} to question text : but nothing happen.
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related to 08673 closedDenisChenu Bug reports Equation attribute 'numeric' do nothing 
related to 05983 closedDenisChenu Development  Comportment of "Equation question type" 




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2014-03-21 09:02

developer   ~29470

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I'm agree to take it if OK for 2.06 (or more ...)

Alternative : validation equation attribute for group but more for 2.1

Add the 05983 related :
Question.text : {if(is_empty(LIST_comment),"You must complete the comment",""}) , in DB: !is_empty(LIST_comment)



2017-10-24 15:53

reporter   ~44814

What about this issue?
I have a survey where I want to block submission if the value of an equation question is empty (or 0 or false). I'm using the equation type because I want to store in DB the result of the equation expression (computed with values from other questions).
The solution seems to be setting mandatory the equation question, but this do nothing (the survey is not blocked).



2017-10-24 16:09

developer   ~44815

It's a feature request, not a bug … else : you can use Question validation in another question too :)

I hope to find time to work on it for 3.0


2017-10-24 16:14

reporter   ~44816

In my opinion this is an issue, not a feature request: currently the "mandatory" setting does nothing for equation questions.

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