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Summary08866: Move template Permission in Permission model

Actually a user have all rigth on a template or no rigth.

We can't have :
User have rigth to Use template
User have rigth to copy template
User have rigth to update template
etc ...

Additional Information

This can be done in actual models : but need to update 'entity_id' column to allow text.

Then we can have same functionnality for each templates than survey. And we can use 'empty' string for the rigth on all survey.

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2019-10-03 11:20

reporter   ~53867


I regularly have this problem: administrators who want to customize their surveys, so I would like to give them rights to access the edition of themes * but only to their/s themes , and not to others as I don't trust them and they may break everything on main themes.

Unless I'm mistaken, the solution proposed here would allow it, and I think it's a feature that would interest many "super-administrators" limesurvey and that would probably not require a big development.



2019-10-03 11:25

developer   ~53868

Since theme must be setup (in DB) think we can use current DB .

Need to do the GUI part … and add theme permission function :)



2019-10-15 15:42

developer   ~54051

@cdorin : are this allowed to use in 4.X when develop become master ?

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