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08758Feature requests[All Projects] Print Viewpublic2014-02-24 16:23
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Summary08758: Need a flow chart showing all questions and associated conditions
DescriptionI believe LS would greatly benefit from a utility that would generate a flowchart that follows the survey flow and documents the coded logic / conditions. Ideally, the flow chart document would have hyperlinks back to the survey questions and conditions.
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2014-02-24 09:18

developer   ~28875

I second this.

Tom, does the expression manager have any functions that can be used? Anything holding the internal work-flow for survey runtime?


2014-02-24 10:59

developer   ~28876

It's not the purpose of survey logic file ?
You have the link and all condition, and all attribute .

No ?


2014-02-24 11:16

developer   ~28878

I think we are talking about a visual presentation here, something like a flow chart.


2014-02-24 11:30

developer   ~28879

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Oh, yes ... better understanding ....

Oh ... lot of code here.



2014-02-24 16:23

reporter   ~28895

Yes, exactly, a flow chart would simplify QC quite a bit, I believe. It would also help during brainstorming with the clients. For example, we use LS for a crazy amount of surveys. Some clients like to collaborate very closely with us on the design of the survey. Currently, all we do is flip, skip, and jump through countless survey pages, trying to remember what goes after what and why. With a flowchart, we could shorten this process and get our clients more involved. Plus, project managers, who are usually not that versed into LS, could do a better QC using such a flow chart.

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