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08641Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2020-03-05 19:04
Reporterautopoiesis Assigned Tocdorin  
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Target Version2.06+ 
Summary08641: Quick add function doesn't work properly with multiple languages
DescriptionWhen you use the quick add replace function in 2.05 to enter answer options for an additional language, the base language answer options are also changed.
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2014-02-15 16:47

developer   ~28751


Did you try:
QCODE;first language;second language


2014-02-16 16:02

reporter   ~28758

No, this is not how I used the function. Normally, we first create only a survey with 1 master language and translate and setup all aditional languages after everything is final. So I tried to use the quick add function with a single additional language.


2014-02-17 08:27

developer   ~28788

Maybe we have to test if there are more than one language and if there are no seperator in the quick add, then use 'selected' tab.
But then : only replace was accepted.


2015-06-16 21:17

updater   ~32390

Any idea in which version this bug will get fixed.


2015-06-17 08:26

developer   ~32392

Last edited: 2015-06-17 08:51

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All the system are rewritten for ls3.
Actually, we have equivalent problem with label set : fixed by "alert only". Then i think i put Target Version for 2.06 but :
- <s>Control if SQ01;Answer FR;Answer EN work OR make it working</s> OK
- Send an alert if : number of string is less than number of language.

See for the reason we can only send an alert.



2015-06-17 18:52

updater   ~32402

Suppose I have programmed survey in English and now I need to do translation in french.
#I open answer list and switch to French tab .
#Copy French answer labels from Excel and paste using quick add popup.

The problem is the English answer labels also gets changed to French. Ideally only French label should change because I am working in French tab.


2015-06-18 08:19

developer   ~32408

No, i explain why in the forum, it can break system too.

Yes - Oui
No - Non


Yes - Oui
?? - Peut ĂȘtre
No - Non

The best way is to replace all language. Only use ; for diferent language. We just have to send an alert if number of language are different.

In LibreOffice calc: you can use En string;Fr string. We have to put some information for this in GUI.


2015-06-19 17:35

developer   ~32440

I won't fix until 3.0 actually. There are no real need to fix.


2019-11-14 01:54

reporter   ~54569

Still encountering this issue five years later, in LS 3.19.3+191023.

It really is an issue, as I often build surveys in English, and a month later, along comes the French... And with long single/multiple choice type questions, with many answers, it is so frustrating to have to cut and paste in each individual French answer.

Maybe this could be easily addressed by having a single choice option on the Quick add panel that asks "Select language to replace or add" + All languages | Base language | list of other languages....

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