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2017-01-24 06:02 CET

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08640Feature requests[All Projects] Survey designpublic2014-01-31 09:44
Assigned Tomfaber 
Product Version2.05+ 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.05+ 
Summary08640: Question/Group reorder function doesn't work if Minimum/Maximum date setting active
DescriptionIf there's a question of Date/Time question type in the survey and the advanced setting "Minimum date" or "Maximum date" is active (for instance just a year like 2000 but it's the same result with a reference to another Date/Time question) the "Reorder question groups / questions" function of the concerned survey just shows a blank page. As soon as you deactivate the "Minimum date" and "Maximum date" settings, it shows up again.

Steps to reproduce:
1. create a new survey with standard settings
2. create a question group with standard settings
3. create a question of "Date/Time" question time with standard settings
Test the reorder function: it works.
4. activate the "Minimum date" setting (write 2000)
Test the reorder function: it shows a blank page.
4. activate the "Minimum date" setting (blank field)
Test the reorder function: it works again.
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duplicate of 08609closedmfaber Bug reports Empty screen when clicking on sort question icon 



mfaber (developer)

Thanks for reporting. This issue has already been fixed. Fix will be part of next release.

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