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08509Bug reports[All Projects] Survey takingpublic2014-01-09 23:31
ReportertpartnerAssigned Toc_schmitz 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.05+ 
Target Version2.05+Fixed in Version2.05+ 
Summary08509: Expression manager inserting <span> elements incorrectly
DescriptionWhen running a survey in "all-in-one", mode values that are piped into the end message and into the end URL are wrapped in span elements.

If the piped value is used in a parameter or attribute it breaks the URL or attribute (see attached screenshot).
Steps To ReproduceCreate a survey (attached)
Run in "all-in-one" mode
Add an equation question
Pipe an expression manager value into the end message or end URL something like "{equation1.value}"
Additional InformationNot sure what the fix is but I suspect it is because $staticReplacement returns false at line 1903 of em_core_helper.php. In my opinion, this should always be true in end messages, end URLs and emails.
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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)33fd96904bc223545e1b8fc7f857
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
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duplicate of 07923 closedc_schmitz INSERTANS all-in-one presentation SPAN problem 



2014-01-05 21:29


limesurvey_survey_338692(1).lss (14,014 bytes)


2014-01-05 21:33


spans_1.png (27,005 bytes)
spans_1.png (27,005 bytes)


2014-01-05 21:39

developer   ~27720

See discussion in the forum -,


2014-01-08 05:19

reporter   ~27750


Yes, ensuring that $staticReplacement returns true in end messages, end URLs and emails should do the trick.


2014-01-08 12:43

developer   ~27762

Great, thanks for the confirmation Tom.


2014-01-08 13:02

developer   ~27763

Carsten,I'm not sure where is the best place to detect the replacement use-case and set this var. Can I hand this off to you? (or Sam?)


2014-01-09 11:16

administrator   ~27785

Looks like I fixed this in the past for 2.0 but forgot to port the fix. The fix applied to 2.05 is also more complete.


2014-01-09 11:17

administrator   ~27786

Fix committed to master branch:


2014-01-09 23:31

administrator   ~27800

2.05+ build 140109 released

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LimeSurvey: master 0730c831

2014-01-09 10:17:59


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Fixed issue 08509: INSERTANS SPAN problem in end URL/page when using then all-in-one page presentation setting
mod - application/helpers/SurveyRuntimeHelper.php Diff File
mod - application/helpers/replacements_helper.php Diff File

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