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08436Feature requestsSecuritypublic2021-11-25 10:02
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Summary08436: Enable / disable users and fields to manage users
DescriptionI am using LimeSurvey for didactical purposes, so I have created a number of user1, user2, user3... users for my students.
The users have "create survey" permission.
As each student has the possibility to play with the program for 2-3 months it would be useful to add these options to Manage survey administrators --> Edit user:
- a flag to activate/deactivate the user (so I could reset the user when I start a new class)
- a field to set an expiry date for the password
- a field to set an expiry date for the user
- a field with "last login date" to display the last date they logged in the system
This would facilitate administrators to manage their users.

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