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08351Feature requestsAccessibilitypublic2014-05-03 21:33
Reporteraukevann Assigned ToDenisChenu  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version2.06+ 
Summary08351: Add option to public registration page that allows resending of already registered user's login details
DescriptionIf a user has already registered with the survey and used the registration page to register again they receive an error message, indicating that their email address is already registered (implying that they have already received an email with a personal login link).
In daily use of the system users frequently loose the mail with the personal login details and there is no way for them to get hold of this information again, the administrator has to resent these details. That is an unnecessary administration burden.
I request that the registration page is change in the following way:
Case 1: user enters e-mail and name, the e-mail address is new to the system and the system behaves in the way it does now, sending a mail with a personal link to login to the survey.
Case 2 NEW: The e-mail address that is used is already registered (in the token table) AND the survey is not yet completed. Then the system notifies the user AND resents the mail with login details for the user. Message the system displays is "The email address you entered is already registered with the system. We have resent the email with the link that gives you access to the survey"
Case 3 NEW: The e-mail address that is used is already registered (in the token table) AND the survey is completed. New error message: "The email address you entered is already registered with the system and the survey has been completed".
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2013-11-27 19:07

reporter   ~27440

Hi Denis,

Can you consider another option / issue with the registration page:
We have multi-language surveys. When a user registers through the registration page the link that is sent in the email contains the language parameter equal to the language of the registration page. However, in the token table the language parameter for that user is left blank.
Sometimes a user registers who is registered though the registration page gets a reminder send by the administrator. The administrator does not know what language the user registered with and the reminder is sent in the default language, sometimes wrongly.
Can the registration page also set the language parameter in the token table?


2013-11-28 08:32

developer   ~27442

Hi aukevann,

For the registration page, i think i put a plugin event or trye to use an existing plugin event.

But i think your system can be in core regitration page.


2013-11-28 08:52

reporter   ~27443

Hi Denis, I am not sure I understand what you say.
What functionality in the core and what function is a plugin event? How does that work?


2013-12-02 08:34

developer   ~27460

In core:
- Resend reminder if email exist (and is not done)
- Resend confiration if token is closed
- set language of token egual of language set in registering
This can be in core.

But need an plugin event to do "what we want".


2013-12-02 16:06

reporter   ~27465

Great Denis.
Will this make it into 2.05?


2013-12-03 17:31

developer   ~27491

2.05+ or 2.06


2014-02-27 14:35

developer   ~28990


2014-03-10 05:41

reporter   ~29156

Last edited: 2014-03-10 05:43

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Maybe limesurvey can add a register system. Every one register will get his own password.

The the administration can decide whether add this user to central participant DB or not. If the user was added, then he/she can take this survey after login; if not then he/she can't take the survey.



2014-04-09 11:28

developer   ~29701

@mrli999 : think this system must be in a plugin. Maybe need more plugin event. I start by adding some (1 before and one after) in register.


2014-04-11 10:05

developer   ~29713


Have the fix, but need to be more 2.1 compatible ...

Or fix 2.1 too ...


2014-04-11 11:23

reporter   ~29714

Registration with a password makes things more complex. The charm of LimeSurvey is that with the token it is secure and makes it really ease to use


2014-04-11 15:37

reporter   ~29717

Maybe the registration is a little complex, but it is very useful.Especially when the limesurvey will be used for longitudinal surveys.

You can use both token and USERID. When some body want to take a survey, either he has token or he login with his ursename and password.


2014-04-11 15:44

developer   ~29718

@mrli999 : the idea here is to add some plugin event before token Page or before regsiter Page.

Adding the core 'register page' in plugin.

AFter you can work on a plugin for another system.



2014-04-14 15:14

developer   ~29740

Related Changesets

LimeSurvey: 2.06 49f27439

2014-04-14 12:54:05


Details Diff
New feature 08351: Public registration page resending of already registered user's login details
Dev: adding beforeRegister event and beforeRegisterForm event
Dev: use beforeTokenEmail / type:register
Affected Issues
mod - application/controllers/RegisterController.php Diff File
mod - application/helpers/frontend_helper.php Diff File
mod - application/helpers/replacements_helper.php Diff File
add - application/views/register/display.php Diff File
add - application/views/register/registerForm.php Diff File

LimeSurvey: 2.06 481e493a

2014-04-15 12:05:36


Details Diff
Dev: register controller use own view
Dev: change lang in regisyer controller don't loose actual value
Dev: Replace some event return for beforeRegister
Dev: code review
Affected Issues
mod - application/controllers/RegisterController.php Diff File
mod - application/views/register/display.php Diff File
mod - application/views/register/registerForm.php Diff File

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