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08273Feature requestsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2013-10-14 10:58
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Product Version2.00+ 
Summary08273: Sending invitation don't test particpant blacklist
DescriptionAny admin can add a email in token table, if this email is in blacklist of participant DB : email are send to this user without control.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a token table for any survey
Add a user in DB with a existing email, and put it in blacklist
Add same email adress to token table
Send the invitation: blaclisted email adresse receive the message.
Additional InformationThink we HAVE to allways use blacklist when sending any email :
- Token
- Inscription
- Confirmation
- Admin notification
- Admin inscription.

But token incitaion is the first one to do.

Maybe it can be done in models.
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2013-10-14 09:42

developer   ~26787

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Myabe a new featire request too (and maybe in plugin).

- In OptOut system:
Add 2 checkbox:
* one checked: remove my email adress for this survey
* one unchecked: remove my email adress for all email adress on this system



2013-10-14 10:18

administrator   ~26791

BLacklisting blacklists the user, not only the email. If you add the user from CPDB to the tokens it should blacklist it properly. Otherwise CPDB does not know about it.


2013-10-14 10:22

developer   ~26792


But need too blaclisting email, not only user, no ?
And need a plugin for this ?

For user: it's more inscription , not blacklisting.

A lot of "mail sending" system have a global blacklist, and think it's needed by some law in some country.


2013-10-14 10:25

administrator   ~26793

Yes, I am not saying it is perfect, just that it is not a bug. :-)


2013-10-14 10:57

developer   ~26794


Then allowed to
- Test if email is not in blacklist when sending invitation/remind
- Test if emil is not in blaclist with all other email (not sure for this one)
- Add a globalsettings to deactivate this system (maybe 0: deactivate, 1 : public system (invitation/remind/inscription), 2: all). Default to 1
For 2.0 or 2.05 ?

Start a plugin to set this globalsettings in globalsettings (2.05?2.06?)


2013-10-14 10:58

administrator   ~26795

Both 2.05 at earliest

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