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08030Feature requestsExpression Managerpublic2016-12-09 08:32
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Product Version2.00+ 
Summary08030: Prefilled values for obviously not relevant questions lost
DescriptionPrefilled values can only be given by parameter to relevant questions. This should be possible to question that are not relevant at the time of survey start, but can become relevant by user interaction.
Steps To ReproduceIf the following survey is called by parameters like the following URL. The first Question sqK_q1 gets filled, but the value "A3" is lost, because it is irrelevant.


If it gets relevant by the equation "sqK_q1==2" and the parameter "525622X119X3602q1=3" is changed to "525622X119X3602q1=2", then the dropdown question is prefilled.

This becomes a problem if there should be prefilled questions, which waits for previous manual answers to get relevant.
Additional InformationThe problem lies in the application\helpers\em_manager_helper.php where the SESSION prefilled values are setted to NULL.

Line 5768: $_SESSION[$LEM->sessid][$sgqa] = NULL;
Line 5798: $_SESSION[$LEM->sessid][$sq] = NULL;
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A workaround would be to change the deletenonvalues parameter in config.php (see config-defaults.php for details)


2013-10-13 21:59

developer   ~26773

Maybe a survey plugin here: deletenonvalues by survey (all config can be in plugin for each survey)


2015-07-04 15:57

developer   ~32616

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Can you control with the last version if it's fixed ?
It's fixed for default value, unsure for prefilled.



2015-07-13 18:28

developer   ~32684

Pull request :


2015-11-02 17:23

developer   ~33486

Just use the same system than default :

No change for 2.5 ( I think)
But see Sam remark for 3.0 (but a lot must be redone for 3.0)

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