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Summary07939: Ability to print the Display-Value of an answer option
DescriptionTLDR; I need a Variable or a function to print out the Display-Value of an answer option, something like Q0001.A1.shown or Q0001_A1.shown

In the planned functions list is a function which might exactly do this, getAnsOption(X,Y), though I am not exactly sure what the meaning of this function is. See here:
Additional InformationWe are planning to use LimeSurvey for a monthly Quiz Setup. My goal is to prepare a survey template, and fill in all the complicated Expression Manager stuff so that some other users (aka Quiz Managers) do not need to learn about Expression Manager Syntax just to fill in their questions/answers.

All questions will be Radio Lists, 4 Answer Options (A1-A4). I will set the questions to randomize the Answer order, and tell the Quiz Managers to place the CORRECT Answer always into the first Answer Option (A1).

The last Question Group should contain a table which tells the users their test result. See attached .lss File for further information or this thread for /discussion:
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Think need to:

ARRAY.question too. Because we have ARRAY_SQ1.question but not ARRAY.question :)

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