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07937Feature requestsExpression Managerpublic2013-06-19 17:00
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Summary07937: Make question code accessible from EM
DescriptionThere is currently no way to access the question code from within a question using the Expression Manager.
A possible solution would be to make the question code accessible through something like {self.qcode}, such that {age.qcode} would return the string "age".
Additional InformationUse cases might seem slim, so here's an example:
In a psychological perceptual experiment you have many questions which are usually the same but show different stimuli: the question might be "what word did you hear" if the stimulus is a sound; or "how do you think this person feels" if the stimulus is the image of a face.
A standard way to do set this up would be to have independent questions, each pointing to the specific stimulus (image, sound, etc). However, if the question code gave enough information to identify the stimulus, the appropriate filename (or other such identifier) could be parsed from the question code allowing the actual question text to be the same for all cases, greatly simplifying the process.
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2013-06-19 16:25

developer   ~25593

If i understand : it's an automatic text according to qcode ?
Maybe there another way to do this ?

(but still : have a self.lemcode can be a good idea).


2013-06-19 16:50

reporter   ~25594

Hopefully there is, because otherwise I'm screwed. :)
More seriously, yes, there are workarounds, and maybe this case is unusual enough to ignore at this point.
But we seem to agree on the possible benefits of having access to the question code; and what is more, not having it seems a bit arbitrary, at least to me.


2013-06-19 17:00

developer   ~25595

When i say "automatic text" i think of another setting somewhere. Not a workaround :).

Maybe some GLOBAL em function ?

For example:


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