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07897Feature requestsSecuritypublic2021-11-25 13:05
Reporteractxcellence Assigned Togalads  
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Summary07897: can not delete admin user
DescriptionI had to react to the massiv brute force attacks against WordPress admin accounts.


and the recent explosion of attacks:

My WordPress customers are not allowed to use the name admin for user accounts anymore.

I want to delete the admin user.
Can I do this in the database?

The UI should allow this for the average super admin with out DB knowhow.

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2013-05-31 17:59

developer   ~25440


"Plugins can be used to limit the number of login attempts made on your site, or block people from accessing wp-admin: " Not needed in LS : core included.

And you can change the username for admin in the DB.


2021-11-02 11:21

administrator   ~67051

Last edited: 2021-11-25 10:31

Of course it is possible to change the username from the DB, but should be easy to change from the UI for Basic users.


2021-11-25 12:44

administrator   ~67571

Dear actxcellence ,

Thank you for suggesting a feature/reporting a bug.

However, we will not be picking this up because the use case is too specific or the use case might not fit to the latest versions of LimeSurvey.

There are plugins already implemented to prevent brute-force attacks. 2FA and there is a plugin to limit the login attempts.

If you feel otherwise, feel free to re-open the report.

kind regards,

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