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07814Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2013-10-23 01:38
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Summary07814: New feature: label set update after label set has changed
Descriptionsurvey designer want to be able to reset/update all questions, that use a specific label set, if the label set has changed.

This is not easy, a question needs to remember which the label set has been applied and if it has changed.
Additional InformationThis is not easy, a question needs to remember

1) which label set has been applied and
2) if the label set inside the question has been changed
3) th user might want to declare, if a label set can be updated from a label set change(unlcocked) in case or stay changed with the question (locked).
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2013-05-14 14:13

developer   ~25246

It's like this before 1.90 i think and it break a lot of survey.

It's more difficult to implement now. Maybe a new attribute "Update with 'label id' this label id can be a select box.

But only for Single choice question type.


2013-10-23 01:38

reporter   ~26939

Man I just typed a workaround here for half an hour and my session expired. Now it's all gone... Well anyways, the conclusion was:

*Allow for a way to set environment variables* for each installation/survey/group! That way, anyone could tailor anything without messing with a dummy group, dummy questions and equation type questions (what I just did in my workaround, which disappeared).

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