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07648Bug reports[All Projects] Accessibilitypublic2013-03-12 12:36
Assigned Toc_schmitz 
Product Version2.00+ 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.00+ 
Summary07648: Blank screen after submitting name and e-mail address
DescriptionI just upgraded my live LimeSurvey site to 2.0.
Eventhough I tested it quite a bit some nasty errors occur.

After getting a link to participate and filling out a username and password the users get a blank screen.
There should be a message that they will receive an e-mail.

The rest works, they do get an e-mail to login but it is very confusing to get the blank screen.
Steps To ReproduceIt is hard to reproduce. Likely the error occurs on surveys that have been migrated from 1.92
TagsNo tags attached.
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)130305
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedYes
BrowserGoogle chrome and Firefox
Database & DB-Version164
Operating System (Server)Linux (not sure)
Webserver software & versionApache
PHP VersionPHP 5.3
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aukevann (reporter)

Sorry, mixed this issue up with another.
It is easy to reproduce, just try to register for a survey by clicking on the link and submit username and e-mail address.


c_schmitz (administrator)

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I cannot reproduce here. It is most likely a problem with your email configuration.
Please activate debug mode in /application/config/config.php and see if you get an error and report back.


aukevann (reporter)

Hi Carsten, I have uploaded a file with the error that appeared after turning on the debugging.


aukevann (reporter)

Just want to clarify, the mail with the link to start the survey is send and received correctly. It is just that after filling out the information a blank screen appears, leaving the user unwary of what is happening.


c_schmitz (administrator)

Fix committed to master branch:


c_schmitz (administrator)

Thank you.


aukevann (reporter)

Thanks for this quick fix Carsten, appreciated


c_schmitz (administrator)

2.00+ build 130311 released


c_schmitz (administrator)

Fix committed to 2.05 branch:

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