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07645Feature requestsSecuritypublic2016-08-15 09:46
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Summary07645: Splitting use/manage template permission into two distinct permissions
DescriptionCurrently, one can grant the right to "use all/manage templates" to a user. One can then restrict this permission to certain templates.

However AFAICS there is no possibility to allow someone to use a template, but prevent him from modifying it.

Instead of splitting the permission, it might be better to adapt the template permissions, e.g. have "read/use" and "write" permission.
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2013-03-11 22:24

developer   ~24644


Can be done, maybe in Plugin, else i take it in 2.1


2014-03-11 20:24

reporter   ~29197

Actually this issue causes a serious bug that I just experienced. One of my admin users has "Survey settings" permission at the survey level but does not have the "template" permission at the global level.

As a result, when that user edits the "General Settings - Presentation and Navigation" screen, the template appears blank. This is a survey that uses a template other than default.

Then when saving the template for that survey actually reverts back to default.

I will file a separate bug report for it.


2014-03-12 08:42

developer   ~29200

@dawansv : i think this bug was already fixed (if a template is set : leave it even if user don't have rigth to read it) => please assign the second bug to me.


2014-03-12 21:11

reporter   ~29213

@DenisChenu: I created bug 08842; sorry but I did it before seeing your answer and don't see how to assign it to you after creation... Currently using the latest stable version, so if it's already fixed in dev version then it's all good. Thank you.

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