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07612Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2014-02-10 13:29
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Summary07612: More scales for array question
DescriptionSome surveys need more scales than just one or two. As of the moment, LimeSurvey 2.0+ only supports simple array questions or dual scale arrays. To keep the surveys short, an array question type with more scales is needed. This might also extend the usability and flexibility of LimeSurvey.
Additional InformationA possible solution: Simple question type addition.
This would not be possible for a normal Limesurvey User to go through the whole code to add a new question type. This is not true about professional LimeSurvey developers. Accordingly, it might take them much less than 10-15 hours to add this new question type.
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2014-02-10 13:29

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This feature is often needed. For instance we would now like to ask for a list of people living in the same household. For each person, the respondent would give us age, gender, employment status, and his or her relationship with that person. Ideally it should be possible to configure each column to be of a certain type. But in this specific case even a dropdown menu for each would suffice. So the simplest would be either to change the dual scale type to allow for more than two scales or create a new Array (dropdown) question type.

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