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Summary07598: Ability to set quotas based on numerical input

Actually, this is not just for numerical input, but it would expand Quotas section to be much more powerful: let's set quotas based on boolean check, just like the Validation feature.

Currently the only way to set a quota on a numerical input is to create a mandatory radio question after the numerical input which is only shown if the numerical input satisfies some condition. For example, if numerical input > 500, show radio button question. Then, you can set a quota based on that, which is not very elegant.

I think it would be quite useful to have the ability to set quotas based on a true boolean operation, like how validation works. So you can write in the box for the quota you're trying to create:


Which will trigger the quota based on that requirement.

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A possible solution: Allowing boolean validation in Quotas section
Instead of just simple point-and-click interface in Quotas, let's allow boolean validation so that we can reference ANY question type, not just some, and be able to set quotas based on anything we want.

So we will have a field called "Advanced Quota" or something like this which takes boolean validation, and we can write here:

In the quota's Title tag, we write: "User is 10 years old."

And in the Limit we set: 40.

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related to 12402 new Use JQuery QueryBuilder for defining Quotas 



2015-11-18 13:43


I second to that. I planned to do a separate request but it seems it is related to this request so I post it here.

I have always had problems dua to the fact that I can not set Quotas with the logical OR operator. Ill give you an example that we have a lot. I need to set quotas for geograpgic region (6 region), but what I ask from responent is county (16 counties). Regions consist of certain counties. Whai we do currently, is make a hidden technical county variable and calculate the county behind screen to the technical question.

Its not that difficult, but now and then we run into situation where qouta needs to be set on some combination os answers that we failed to plan in advance. And so we're screwed.

For me setting Quotas is THE biggest downside of limesurvey currently. Top 1. And my team uses limesurvey for over 100 surveys each year.

I would suggest that Quotas should work based on "Relevance equation". You have all that already so why not use it also for quotas?



2015-11-19 12:26

developer   ~33597

I think we need to update GUI for this.

I think quota completed test system is ready actullay

Test is done with ==, then allow:

  • short free text
  • numeric
  • equation
    "just" need dome GUI update

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