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07572Feature requestsConditionspublic2021-11-25 10:49
Reportermarcoep Assigned Togalads  
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Summary07572: All question groups and codes visible in the same place
DescriptionHi there,

I just started using the Equation feature in v1.92. That's a pretty handy mechanism, though I find it a bit tricky to write a complex equation as the needed question codes are *not* visible in the equation page being prepared. That forces me to jump repeatedly from one group to another (possibly in different browser tabs) looking for the right codes. So I propose...

p.s. Maybe the global category I selected is wrong; it should be something like "Layout"
Additional InformationA possible solution: Side bar showing a survey structure's synopsis
Having a side bar showing all question groups and codes as a collapsible tree: there, one could just expand a branch and select+copy the relevant codes.
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2012-06-08 18:30

reporter   ~24404

the way I do this is to launch the Show Survey Logic file (, which shows all of the variable names. Then I pick from that when creating equations.


2021-11-25 10:49

administrator   ~67561

Dear marcoep ,

Thank you for suggesting a feature/reporting a bug.

However, we will not be picking this up because the use case is too specific or the use case might not fit to the latest versions of LimeSurvey.

If you feel otherwise, feel free to re-open the report.

kind regards,

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